What Makes a Good Web Provider?

Why Makes a Good Web Provider?

Choosing a web provider is a serious decision that should be weighed carefully. Cost factors should be far down on the list since there are so many other more crucial factors to take into account first. Below are the most important qualities that make a good web provider, no matter what kind of site you are running.


Reliability means that the site is up and running, 24/7. Downtime costs you customers. You’re paying for hosting, which means the site should be available whenever anyone visits it, no matter how many people visit it. Your web provider should offer 99% uptime, at a minimum. Anything less than that, and you should keep looking.

Backup Services

Unfortunately, sites are vulnerable to hackers who enjoy wreaking havoc. They are also vulnerable to site owners and admins, who may accidentally do something on the backend that can wreck a site. For whatever reason, it’s critical to have a backup of the site so that it can be restored within minutes, not days. Quality web providers will backup sites regularly, either for free or as part of a premium service.


Your site doesn’t need to hold national secrets to be important enough to consider cybersecurity. You can do everything within your power to protect usernames and passwords, but if your web provider’s servers aren’t secure, neither is your site. Look for a web provider with a strong history of impermeability against cyber threats.

Good U/I

U/I, or user interface, is also the mark of a good web provider. It should be intuitive for the site owner or admin to navigate the backend via C-panel or another U/I. You shouldn’t always have to contact customer support to do small things, such as updating the PHP version or increasing maximum image upload sizes.

Storage Capacity

Server space varies from web provider to web provider. Look for one that has sufficient storage capacity to meet your site’s growing needs into the future. As your site gets bigger, you don’t want to have to keep switching to a new web provider.

Reputable Business

Google dings scam websites and spammy websites. If you are on a budget and using shared hosting rather than dedicated hosting with your web provider, your site will be lumped in— with the other sites that your web provider hosts. If your web provider hosts dubious sites that cross the line, your site could be unfairly dinged, merely by association. Look for a web provider that won’t host certain types of sites that have been deemed as inappropriate.

The foundation of every successful site is the web provider, so these qualities can serve as a checklist to find one that works best for your site needs. When you follow these guidelines and choose a quality web provider, you’ll be able to focus on the other aspects of your website that are important to you.

CleverLight Hosting

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Lindsey is a senior project manager and content strategist at CleverLight. She leads our clients through the web design, development, and content marketing processes with excellent communication and time management skills. Since joining the team in 2020, she has become an integral part of the day-to-day operations at CleverLight.

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