Web Design is More than Just Pretty Pixels

Web Design is about providing an enhanced user experience that puts your content at their fingertips and guides them to purchase your product or service.

What Goes into a CleverLight Website?

At CleverLight, blending user experience with functionality and conversions is our goal. CleverLight takes a unique approach that removes the mystery behind the curtain of other web design companies and provides real data that correlates to real results.

Competitor Analysis

Every CleverLight Website begins with a Competitor Analysis. Before starting a new web design project, we take the time to get to know your competitors and your industry leaders so that we can start where they left off.

Sitemap Architecture

The Sitemap Architecture is critical to the UX of your website design. Ensuring that your content is properly organized and key conversion pages are easy to find is the first step before we start the web design process.

Professional Web Design

The homepage of your website is the most viewed page of your entire site and will decide whether a visitor is going to continue or click the back button. Ensuring that your homepage is properly designed is so critical that even minor changes can impact your overall conversion rates.

Web Development

All of our websites are built on the Wordpress CMS, the most popular content management system in the world. Our developers work to ensure your website meets all website standards and is properly optimized for every device.

Post Launch Optimizations

Once your new website is online, we will optimize the caching engine and run performance tracking to ensure your website loads quickly. Pagespeed is a major ranking factor and we make sure yours is fast.

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Our WordPress-optimized platform dramatically increases site speed compared to generic hosting companies. It comes loaded with so many features that you can’t afford not to use CleverLight Hosting.

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