How Are You Growing Your Business?

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When we talk to business owners or potential clients about their marketing plans, we often here things like “We run some Facebook adds” or “We email specials to our clients” or “We built a new website a few years ago.” All of these actions are good and all of them are better than doing nothing, but how do they fit into the big picture of actually acquiring new clients and growing your business?

To us—it comes down to four questions:

  1. How are people getting to my website?
  2. What are they doing when they get there?
  3. What do I want them to be doing?
  4. How am I reaching them once they leave?
If someone in your business is already answering these questions and running data-driven marketing initiatives based on these questions to promote and grow your company—great! If not, let’s dig in and find out what’s holding you back?


You Think What You’re Already Doing is Working

Your competitors are perfectly happy when you think the status quo is working. While you’re implementing the same tried and true techniques year after year keeping your revenue flat, your competitors are actively working to bring in new customers—including yours. Old websites look and feel older; and users can tell. A stagnant social media presence is noticed. Technology changes—are you still using the same cell phone you were two years ago? Five years ago? Then why haven’t you changed your digital presence as well?


It’s Confusing

It’s easy to get bogged down with jargon like SEO, heat maps, PPC, CRM, drip campaigns, or call tracking. That’s where we help; but before recommending a solution, we’ll ask about your company and goals and analyze your business and competitors. Only then will we propose a marketing plan for your company.


It’s Costly (You Think)

Some numbers for you if you’re considering hiring a full-time, in-house marketing professional: a junior marketing assistant starts at $40,000/year; a senior marketing specialist, $68,000/year; and a senior marketing manager, $105,000.

Alternatively, you can work with a marketing agency—such as CleverLight media—for a fraction of that cost. You’ll get all the above, plus a senior designer ($80,000/year); digital marketing expert ($75,000); social brand ambassador ($35,000); content writer ($48,000); and strategic business growth project manager ($78,000).

You need a significant marketing budget to bring these roles and talents in-house, not to mention the time to recruit and source talent, negotiate salaries and benefits, and on-board your new employees. Why assume all that cost, risk, and time when the experts at CleverLight are already trained and ready to jumpstart your marketing today.

We’ll implement a strategy to acquire leads, track their interactions with you, convert them into clients, and retain them as repeat customers and empower them as brand ambassadors.

About the author

Bill is one of the founding partners at CleverLight. His background in web design, web development, user experience and digital marketing gives him a unique insight to each client project.

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