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“Search Engine Watch indicated that almost three-quarters of businesses in America – 72 percent of them – planned to beef up their pay per click marketing campaigns in the coming year.” source

CleverLight’s marketing team has been working with Google Adwords since it was released around 2001.

Research, Replicate, Dominate

Before we launch an online marketing project, CleverLight analyzes the marketing strategies of your top competitors and industry leaders to learn what makes them successful. They have already paid to see what works and what doesn’t work. Why reinvent the wheel? Knowing your competitors’ marketing strategies gives us an unfair advantage and allows us to beat them at their own game.

Research Replicate Dominate

There’s More to PPC Marketing than Keywords

A successful PPC Marketing campaign requires a lot of preparation before the campaign even begins. What keywords are we bidding on? What geographic regions will our ads be shown in? What will the ads say and who will they target? What does the landing page look like? Which ad position are we striving for? What is our ideal cost per acquisition? Can we produce an ROI for your campaign? Our expert experience with PPC marketing allows us to focus your campaign to achieve maximum returns.

3 Steps to Better Results


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If you’re not seeing results with your website and marketing campaigns, it’s time to speak with our Internet marketing specialists.


Get Your Plan

Tell us everything that’s going on with your website and marketing campaigns. We’ll listen and share our knowledge and industry experience.


Get Results

We’ll work with you to deliver the results you’re looking for. It all begins with a conversation and there’s no better time to start than right now.

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CleverLight: Web Design Marketing Agency