What’s Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Do I have one?

I haven’t thought about it this year.

How do I get started?


You’ve got questions—good ones—and so do we at CleverLight. Before making a recommendation on a digital marketing strategy, we want to learn about you, your business, your industry, and your hopes for growth.

There’s no one size fits all digital marketing “package” for your company. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you something. Period. You might have a really great website, but no one is finding it through Google searches. Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click marketing. Are you selling a product or service for the under-35 crowd and not active on social media? CleverLight can work with you to build a social media marketing and email campaign to reach that demographic. Maybe your neighbor’s son built your website a few years ago before your business really took off, but it hasn’t been updated since. Your potential customers notice and are taking their business elsewhere. We can work with you to build a new, user-friendly website to turn those site visits into sales. Or perhaps it’s some combination of these services.

Once we start talking, we’ll begin to form ideas and suggestions for you. Let’s get to work.

About the author

Bill is one of the founding partners at CleverLight. His background in web design, web development, user experience and digital marketing gives him a unique insight to each client project.

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