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Local SEO

Finding your business on the Internet requires more than simply publishing your website. A quick search on Google reveals that you are competing with thousands of competitors in millions of searches; many of whom aren’t really even your director competition.

Each and every day, there are 2.9 billion searches on Google. 85% of those searches will not go past the first page of Google. In fact, 75% of them will end after the first 5 results. Rankings matter and your placement on the search engine results page (SERP) could be the difference between being an industry leader or a starving competitor.

Our Local SEO Process

    Identify Conversion Actions
    Integrate Conversion Tracking
    Gather Baseline Analytics
    Keyword Research
    Competitor Analysis
    SEO Analysis
    Repair All Onsite SEO Issues
    Targeted Updates to Website
    Reporting & Analysis
    Optimizing On-page Content
    Develop New Content
    Performance Reporting

For many clients, appearing in local searches is more important than national ones. It’s simple—if you’re a city business you want local consumers to find you.

Google only supplies a small amount of search engine real estate to local results which means competition for local SEO is tight and it is difficult for you to stand out. There are many factors that determine your rankings and our local SEO specialists continually update your onsite and offsite SEO strategies to achieve those results and ultimately drive potential customers to your business.

How Does it Work?

  •   Select Keywords and Location: Choose 5 keywords and 1 location you want to improve rankings for.
    • Our focus will be on improving your rankings for these keyword phrases in your selected area. *Additional keyword phrases @ $200 per keyword and $500 per additional location.
  •   Baseline Reporting: Fully transparent reporting on where you currently rank for the selected keywords & locations.
    • While we are preparing your Local SEO campaign, we’ll let our tracking tools collect your actual data so you can see exactly where you are before we start working.
  •   Local SEO Services: We’ll perform the actions we know will have an impact on your organic rankings and we’ll continue optimizing your site to improve those rankings.
    • Tools and Analytics can only give you information on your Local SEO efforts. It takes knowledge and time to build quality rankings.
  •   Transparent Reporting & Ongoing Strategy: No smoke and mirrors reporting. Compare your baseline data with your monthly reports to see the effect of our local SEO campaign.
    • When we know what we are tracking, the results are very transparent. You wanted to rank for keyword X in Location Y. You were ranking #19 (bottom of the 2nd page) in your baseline and now you’re ranked #8 (bottom of the first page). It’s that simple, it’s that trackable and it’s that transparent.

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