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Measure Digital Marketing


Measure | Digital Marketing

The Measure Marketing Program includes everything from Explore, and kicks it up a notch. Get reporting and insights that will help drive your marketing efforts, integrate your digital brand with powerful CRMs, give your customers the ability to schedule time with you and, turn your customers into brand ambassadors through proven review campaigns.

Power up your marketing campaigns with trackable data and let CleverLight show you just how strong your digital brand really is.


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Every company should put effort into their digital brand. Every referral, lead and new opportunity will locate you online. This might be to get your phone number, seek out your services or even to validate that you are a reputable company.

If your digital brand is so important, shouldn’t you put your best foot forward? CleverLight has you covered with our Powered Marketing Program.

Measure Uncovered

  •   Advanced Hosting: Website DVR, Heat-maps, Live Chat, Daily / Weekly Traffic Reports, Conversion Tracking Integration.
    • Discover who is coming to your website and what they are doing when they get there. Our website DVR and Heat-maps will show you just how well your website is performing for your visitors.
  •   CRM Integration: Integrate your contact and lead gen forms with our suite of approved CRM systems.
    • How many leads and opportunities slip through your fingers because you don’t have a centralized CRM to manage communication with them? Never lose sight of an opportunity again.
  •   Reputation Management: Emails automatically sent to new and past customers requesting a Google (or other) Review.
    • Reviews are proven to enhance search engine rankings as well as increase conversion rates. Before anyone becomes a new customer for your business, they will want to know how well you’ve treated your past customers.
  •   Digital Scheduling: Accept appointments, bookings and scheduling on your website.
    • “When is a good time for you? How about Friday? No, I have a meeting Friday.” Sound familiar? We can integrate with your calendar so that your customers can schedule a time that works for the both of you.

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