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Explore | Digital Marketing

The Explore Marketing Program is considered to be the bare minimum that every business should be doing. Will the Explore Marketing Program bring in a mass of new customers? No. But, if you do nothing, you get nothing. Over time, your improved digital presence will expose you to new opportunities by growing and enhancing your digital brand. Don’t leave money on the table, CleverLight’s digital marketing team is ready to manage your digital brand.


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Every company should put effort into their digital brand. Every referral, lead and new opportunity will locate you online. This might be to get your phone number, seek out your services or even to validate that you are a reputable company.

If your digital brand is so important, shouldn’t you put your best foot forward? CleverLight has you covered with our Essentials Digital Marketing Program.

Explore Uncovered

  •   Featured Articles: 1 Featured Article written by our content developers and posted to your website and social platforms.
    • You can’t rank for what you don’t talk about. Adding content to your website creates new opportunities for visitors to find you while providing valuable information about your products, services and industry.
  •   Email Newsletter: 1 Branded Eblast per month featuring Latest Articles, News, Promos and popular Social Posts.
    • Staying in touch with your leads, prospects and customers is the key to growing your business. If you aren’t communicating with your audience, who is?
  •   Social Posts: 4 Industry Related Social Posts to your channels to maintain activity.
    • Social media isn’t about selling your services, it’s about communicating with your customers. Whether providing relevant information on your industry or sharing the great work you do, every business needs a social presence.

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