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Accelerate | Digital Marketing

The Accelerate Marketing Program includes everything from Explore and Measure, and takes your digital brand into high gear. Turn your email newsletters and social posts into targeted Email and Social marketing campaigns with the purpose of converting followers into customers. Track which campaigns are generating phone calls and even record those calls to evaluate how your sales team is doing on the phone. Add that in with our Content Development campaign and watch your digital brand grow into a powerhouse.

When you’re ready to grow your business, let CleverLight show you just how strong your digital brand really is.


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Every company should put effort into their digital brand. Every referral, lead and new opportunity will locate you online. This might be to get your phone number, seek out your services or even to validate that you are a reputable company.

If your digital brand is so important, shouldn’t you put your best foot forward? CleverLight has you covered with our Essentials Marketing Program.

Accelerate Uncovered

  •   Email Marketing: Targeted email campaigns to convert email contacts into customers.
    • Email marketing, when performed correctly, has the highest ROI of all digital marketing strategies combined. There is a reason why we get so many spam emails. It works.
  •   Social Marketing: 2 Targeted Social Posts to convert followers into customers. $150 Facebook Ad Campaign.
    • If your audience is using social media, we can target them with highly relevant ads and posts. In addition to your targeted social posts, we’ll throw a paid campaign in to test the results for you.
  •   Call Tracking: Track your marketing efforts across multiple channels.
    • Every time your phone rings, you should be asking, “How did you find us?” Whether you are running an SEM campaign or an ad in the local newspaper, we can track which marketing efforts made your phone ring. And we can record your calls to so you can monitor how well your team is converting those calls into customers.
  •   Content Development: Expand your website by 5 Pages/month. Copywriting, Onsite SEO, Graphics Included.
    • Content is King. The saying is just as true today as it was 15 years ago. If you want to beat out your competition, you have to prove to your customers (and Google) that you are more relevant and are an expert in your field.

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