Using Landing Pages to Build Effective Email Lists

Using Landing Pages to Build Effective Email Lists

Marketing emails prove the most effective when your target audience already shows an interest in your brand. Although that might sound like quite a tall order, you can easily drive receptive customers your way by adding a key ingredient to your website: landing pages.

By using well-designed landing pages, your email list will start populating itself with qualified leads, allowing you to focus on how to best continue the conversation. Wondering just how this works? Here’s what you need to know about using landing pages to build your email list.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are standalone web pages designed to promote the exchange of customer info for gated content. You can promote the landing pages using paid ads, through organic search, or on social media.

As your visitors click through to the landing page, they’ll find supportive content plus a form to fill out. Once they fill out the form, they’ll get access to more in-depth content, including:

  • Catalogs
  • EBooks
  • Checklist
  • Templates
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Product demos

You can then use the info provided in the form fill to build out an email list for your marketing campaigns.

How to Use Landing Pages to Create Your Email List

If you want to build your email list using landing pages, simply follow these three quick and easy steps.

1. Create Truly Engaging Content

You must use your landing page to provide your target audience with valuable content they can use to move through the buyer’s journey. To do that effectively, you must create high-quality content designed to help your customers achieve their goals.

Figuring out the best types of gated content to provide is key. So, think about what your clients need from your company, and then decide how to create content that meets those needs. If you’re promoting your art supply store, for example, then drawing and painting tutorials could get your visitors to fill out the form.

2. Build a Well-Designed Landing Page

Once you create your gated content, you need to build a well-designed landing page for each piece of content you want to share with your target audience. You can build your landing page on your own or leave it up to the professionals.

Either way, be sure to follow these best practices:

  • Match the color scheme and overall design to your brand
  • Put the gated content offer and form fill above the fold
  • Add compelling SEO copy and imagery to sell the gated content
  • Use a strong call to action to inspire readers to fill out the form
  • Do not add any extra navigation links anywhere on the page

Upon creating your page, you’ll need to create a thank you page to go with it. Once your visitors fill out the form, the page should provide the content as promised and express your appreciation.

3. Promote Your Landing Page

Upon completing your landing page, traffic will start to come your way as the SEO copy works its magic. But don’t stop there. Make sure to promote the page on social media and even bring in influencers to share your works. Or you can use paid ads on search engine results pages or your social media platforms of choice to bring visitors to your landing pages.

As the leads come through from each landing page, add them to your email list. Then, start building out campaigns that speak to your target audience at each level of the buyer’s journey.

Create Truly Engaging Landing Pages with Help from Our Team

Ready to create engaging landing pages that build out your email list quickly? If so, we can help. At Clever Light Media, we have the web design experience needed to create landing pages to remember. To get started, simply reach out to our team to learn more about our services and get a quote.

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