Why Your Website Needs Global Edge Security

Why Your Website Needs Global Edge Security

Why Your Website Needs Global Edge Security

Global Edge Security (GES) provides high-performance security that’s compatible with fast website speeds. If you run a WordPress site, GES allows you to protect the website while simultaneously serving its visitors well.

High-Performance Security for WordPress Websites

Global Edge Security is specifically for WordPress websites. For these sites, the solution provides SOC 2 level protection within the security and availability trust services categories.

In order to provide this high-level protection, GES has a couple of main features: DDOS protection and web application firewall (WAF) protection.

DDOS Protection Against Common OWSAP Threats

DDOS protection stems from a system that actively monitors for high-volume attacks, and immediately closes down such attacks by reducing volume. The system has safeguards in place at the network, transport, and application layers, able to absorb attacks at each of these levels.

In addition to the localized DDOS systems in place, GES also draws on intelligence from across 10 million sites that all use WordPress and have the solution installed. This provides a wealth of data on how attacks typically play out and how to defend against them, which enables sites to set up the best defenses possible before an attack is even underway.

This two-pronged approach of combining localized layers and global knowledge provides some of the best protection against DDOS attacks that WordPress sites can get.

WAF Protection Against Emerging Threats

The WAF feature proactively monitors edges for emerging threats and blocks them before they become problematic. WAF doesn’t just block specific IP ports and addresses, but it also continuously inspects website traffic for any signs of SQL or XSS injections. At the first sign of such activity, the potential threat is immediately addressed.

This is carried out with continuous updates for both the firewall and the IT team. The software automatically updates so that it’s current with the latest threats, and notifications are sent whenever a potentially problematic threat is identified.

With this level of protection, you can rest easy knowing that your WordPress site is always under the careful watch of an active web application firewall.

Compatible With Other Security Measures

Of course, GES is compatible with a host of other security measures. Pair it with managed core updates, daily backups, two-factor authentication, and more for a comprehensive website security solution.

Get GES With Your Website Hosting

This level of WordPress website protection isn’t standard with many hosting plans. To get such high-performance protection for your site, consider switching to CleverLight’s Managed WordPress Hosting which includes Global Edge Security as a standard feature.

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