How to Get More Online Reviews from Happy Customers

How to Get More Online Reviews from Happy Customers

Although nothing beats an enthusiastic recommendation from a trusted friend, online reviews come in a close second. In order for the reviews to have the desired effect, the consensus is important. Otherwise, the happy customers could get written off as a lucky break rather than a consistent buyer experience offered by your brand.

So, you not only need good reviews but a lot of them. But how are you supposed to get people singing your praises far and wide? Just use the tips in this guide and your clients will happily hop online to share their experiences with the world.

Encourage Customers by Email

Email campaigns are a highly effective way to remind your customers to leave a review after trying your products and services. You can automate the emails to go out a few days after their purchase, giving them time to fall in love with your offerings. For the best results, skip the graphics and make the email look like a personal letter. And don’t forget to share how much the reviews mean to you.

Put a Thank You Card in the Order

Whether customers come into your store to shop or put in their orders online, every last one should end up with a thank you card. Go with a business card style emblazoned with a big thank you on the front and a request for a review on the back. Include your logo in the design just in case the card gets separated from the order after they open their items at home.

Engage with Customers on Social Media

Many people browse social media when they have a spare moment. So, take advantage of their downtime by asking them to write up a quick review. Make your request short and sweet plus provide a link to your preferred review sites.

Add a Call to Action to Your Website

When people visit your website, they should see testimonials on every major sales page, showing just how much your customers love your brand. To elevate the impact, even more, add a call to action near the testimonials, so repeat customers can chime in as well. They’ll not only get to tell the world about their experience with your brand but also get a chance to get featured on your site.

Ask for a Review from Repeat Customers

When it comes down to it, you just need to ask all your customers for reviews, especially if they come back time and time again. People are thrilled to help spread the word about their favorite brands. They just need to know where to direct their energy. To help them help you, just let them know where to place their review when they check out and thank them in advance.

As you put yourself out there in requesting reviews, the accolades will undoubtedly come flying your way. If you do end up with any negative remarks, reach out to see how you can make it right. Over time, you’ll end up with a great reputation as the go-to brand in your industry, especially in regard to your stellar customer service.

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