Decline Hosting Agreement

CleverLight offers Managed WordPress Hosting for all of our web design clients at rates of $99/month or $1,069/year (10% discount). While we recommend utilizing our hosting plan for improved speed, security, backups, automatic updates, and included webmaster support each month, clients are not required to host with CleverLight once their new website is ready to launch.

We only utilize the most premium and secure servers for our websites. As such, we are not able to support third-party servers or hosting.

If the client elects not to host with CleverLight, we want to make sure that their responsibilities in regards to launching and hosting the new site are clear.

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    Please mark each item below to indicate agreement with the terms.


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    Launch Process

    When the client site is ready to launch, CleverLight will launch the site on our server and host it for 7 days. We will provide the dev site URL, dev site login, and file database for the client to upload the site to their own hosting environment.

    After 7 days, the dev site will be removed from our server regardless of whether or not the site has been launched on the client’s alternative hosting environment. CleverLight does not work with support for other hosting providers.

    The client is responsible for transferring their hosting. CleverLight will provide the files and database for the client to upload and install on their hosting environment.