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As digital algorithms become more complex, so does marketing your business. CleverLight recently helped Thommen Medical launch a seamless marketing program, relieving it from the endless quoting cycle and stabilizing its marketing budget while also expanding its marketing range. Below, we’ll discuss some of the ways our retainer program can add consistency and value to a business.

The Client: Thommen Medical

Switzerland-based Thommen Medical designs and manufactures dental components, including its renowned Thommen Medical Dental Implant System. With more than three decades in the business, Thommen remains on the cutting edge of dental technology and needed a marketing program to match.

The Problems

Because Thommen’s headquarters are in Switzerland, many of its marketing materials tended to be geared toward a Swiss audience. They just didn’t quite resonate with an American audience without some revision and revamping.
The COVID pandemic also moved many of Thommen’s campaigns to the digital realm, leading it to lean more heavily on webinars and flyers in lieu of traditional marketing efforts.

Thommen also faced over popularity—as more of its partners and collaborators began to notice the new marketing and branding efforts, they began to request their own marketing services from CleverLight. These included requests for brochures that explain more about the relationship between these partners and Thommen.

The Solutions

With the CleverLight+ Retainer Program, clients and companies can pay a flat monthly rate in exchange for all-inclusive marketing services. Instead of quoting and negotiating each new campaign or asset, this retainer allows clients to maintain consistent branding and tone while freeing themselves from the shackles of wondering how much a particular marketing initiative will cost.

For example, each time Thommen gets a new employee, this employee needs a business card. Because we already have the template for these cards, we can simply plug in the employee’s information and have cards printed—there’s no reinventing the wheel or going back and forth on lettering styles.

As we continue to do work for clients like Thommen, our team learns more about their brand. Everything from colors to fonts to style guides is already there—which can make things like revamping a brochure for an American audience a breeze.

And while we readily handle specific and detailed requests, our real expertise comes into play when we use our marketing knowledge to anticipate Thommen’s needs. Because we’re familiar with their company and brand already, we can hit the ground running with a webinar flyer, a series of social media posts, or a Powerpoint presentation—whatever the situation might warrant.

The Results

Our CleverLight+ Retainer Program helps create a seamless relationship between our marketing team and our clients, and Thommen is no exception. One of the main benefits Thommen has realized from this program is its ability to run a strong marketing campaign without monopolizing its employees’ time or risking going over budget. From deliverable deadlines to quality control, we address it all; and our responsive team ensures that no question goes unanswered for long.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your marketing campaign, reach out to CleverLight today. We can schedule a time to chat with you about your marketing needs and goals and discuss a custom retainer solution that fits your budget. We understand that all companies are different, and we’re committed to working to find a marketing solution that meets your needs

About the author

Bill is one of the founding partners at CleverLight. His background in web design, web development, user experience and digital marketing gives him a unique insight to each client project.

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