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Web Design is more than just a pretty online storefront. A well designed website is a central hub designed to funnel new customers to the products and services you are selling. But having a well designed website is only part of the strategy. You need to get prospective leads to your website in order to convert them into paying customers.

Whether through social networks, local listings, mobile apps, SEO or geo-targeted PPC campaigns, CleverLight Media works with you to determine who your customers are and where to find them online. Using this data, we create tailored campaigns to extend your reach and pull these customers back to your website, where they can quickly find and purchase what you have to offer.

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Our designers are hand picked from hundreds of applicants based on creativity, skill and vision.

Mobile Apps

From Mobile Apps to Web Apps, the CleverLight development team builds mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Return on Investment

Understanding the importance of ROI allows us to optimize your campaigns to ensure we are generating profits from your digital campaigns


Our professionally trained copywriters and content developers write content that is designed to engage readers and improve search rankings.

Social Media

The average person spends more time on their social media pages than they do in email. Capture your audience where they are.


Selling products online isn\'t easy. Learn how we can help deal with the 4 Stages of Buying and convert customers when they are ready to buy.

Local Marketing

Find customers in your own backyard. Beat your competitors and get the local leads you need to grow your business

User Experience

A positive user experience is so important. Which would you rather have; a user that spends 10 seconds on your website or 5 minutes?


Creative ideas come from creative people. But being creative is only half the battle. At the end of the day, converting prospects into leads and leads into customers is what its all about.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile search is overtaking desktop search. Your website visitors are going to go to your website on their mobile device. If your website isn\'t responsive, it should be.


Analytics contain the answer to every question you have about your website, from how people arrived to why they left. We know the questions to ask and how to find the answers.


By tracking your digital and lead gen campaigns, we can laser target your ad dollars to those campaigns which are generating a positive ROI. Take the guess work out.

Cloud Services

Our fully managed cloud services are powered by Rackspace, the number 1 hosting platform in the world.


The art of ranking in Google for keyword phrases related to your product and service. Our SEO services are proven to get results.


Geo what? Selling a product to someone in Texas is not the same thing as selling that same product to someone in Florida. Optimize your campaigns based on where your customers are.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Happy Customers Stay Longer and Keep Coming Back

Measuring user experience is probably the most important factor to a successful web design. A positive user experience is essential to not only getting more conversions, but getting more traffic from organic and paid search. As website users are searching for your product or service, in their minds, the experience they have while interacting with your website is a direct reflection on the experience they will have when interacting with your company. Understanding what visitors are doing on your website and where you are losing them provides invaluable insight into your new web design.

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Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Turn Your Website Into a Sales Department that Never Sleeps

Considering that mobile search is quickly overtaking desktop search, optimizing your website for use on mobile devices will be a determining factor in getting more conversions, sales and leads from your website. By adapting your website to respond to different devices, content can be placed right at the users fingertips in an easy to read and interactive format.

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Convert More Sales

People Won’t Want to Leave Your Site

One out of every 100 visitors purchase your product or service, giving you a Conversion Rate of 1% and you are sort of happy. But, increasing your conversion rate to a mere 2 or 3% is effectively doubling / tripling your revenue.

How do we do it? By monitoring your website analytics and watching how visitors to your website interact with your products and pages. We then use this data to create targeted split tests which allow us to tailor your pages to meet the user experience demand and give those users exactly what they are looking for exactly when they are looking for it.

Beat Your Competition

Research, Replicate, Dominate!

This is the secret for crushing your competition. They have already paid for their learning curve, figuring out what works and what doesn't work. By researching your competition we can replicate their success. After all, no company is blindly throwing away ad dollars into a campaign that isn't producing a positive return on investment. Or are they?

Once we have a foothold in your industry, we will take your brand to the next level by exposing you to new traffic opportunities, lead-gen campaigns, social media and mobile marketing, leaving your competitors wondering, "where did they come from?"

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Grow Your Business

Take Over the World, One City at a Time

Let's be honest here. If your company went from a local business to a national organization overnight, you would close your doors unable to service the massive demand placed on your shoulders. Growth takes time because your business needs time to develop to be able to handle that growth. Whether you already have a national brand or are a local business wanting to grow, CleverLight has the team in place to make that happen.

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