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If your car is in the shop, slapping a set of high performance tires on it probably isn’t the best investment. Website design operates on a similar principle: if you’re spending thousands of dollars on web marketing campaigns when your website leaves visitors wanting, chances are you’re wasting your money. Metrics like “traffic,” “pageviews,” and “clicks” have become a crutch for many web proprietors. The truth is that no matter how much traffic you drive to your website, no matter how many pageviews you generate, and no matter how many clicks you register, you still won’t see any tangible results unless you’re giving visitors the best possible user experience.

That’s where CleverLight comes in.

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You Have Goals. We Have Solutions.

CleverLight offers a multiphasic approach to building a better website. After all, your website is more than just a digital billboard for your company: it’s an interactive invitation for visitors to learn more about who you are and what you do. Your website is the very first thing many consumers will see when they research your company, and leaving them with a positive first impression is the initial step toward converting them into customers. CleverLight offers our customers a transparent and collaborative process through which we can better understand your goals and how we can achieve them. The result? A better website design process.

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Phase 1:
Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic.
Set New Conversion Goals

Your website deserves better than simply being plugged into a template. At CleverLight, every web design project begins with a creative meeting during which we will access your site’s analytics and conversion metrics to determine how your site is currently acquiring and converting traffic. We’ll analyze your site’s traffic patterns to see which pages and areas of your website users are engaging with and determine which they are avoiding or leaving. Using this data, we will then work directly with you to prioritize different sections of your site and work towards your conversion goals.

Phase 2:
Turning the Key on the Design Process

With your new goals set and website priorities made clear, we will use the information gathered during our creative meeting to generate some initial designs for your website. We’ll collaborate with you to figure out which website design elements work for you and which need to be adjusted. Once you are 100% satisfied with the layout of every page of your website, we will finalize our designs and move forward. It’s important to remember that every page of your site is a potential source of traffic and conversions. Bearing this in mind, our primary design goal is to facilitate the conversion of visitors into customers.

Web Design Process
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Phase 3:
Development and Testing Hit the Fast Lane

Once the web designs have been approved, we can move ahead with the actual development of your website. Our team of developers will work to code your website using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Of course, the initial coding is only a step. We know that quality assurance is of the utmost importance, and the CleverLight team will test every aspect and function of your website to ensure that it is 100% ready for launch. We will rigorously work to correct any problems we find until every page of your site offers users a seamless, optimized experience.

Phase 4:
Launching Your Site and Revving the Engine

After any and all bugs have been corrected and minor tweaks and updates accounted for, we will prepare your website for launch on our Rackspace servers, ensuring that your site experiences minimal downtime during the migration. It is at this point that we will submit your updated website to the search engines and begin the final optimization phase.

Launching Your Website
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Phase 5:
Optimizing Your Site and Adding the Final Polish

At CleverLight, we don’t consider our job done when your website launches. In fact, bringing your new site to a successful launch is just the first step in another process. Next, we need to optimize your website for optimal page load and user experience. We work with the latest industry tools to measure your website’s performance and will make adjustments over the course of the first week after launch to improve your site’s page speed and load times. Web design is a passion for CleverLight, and we don’t cut corners. We believe that adding that final bit of polish is a huge part of what sets us apart.