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We started CleverLight Hosting because we saw a critical gap in the marketplace when it comes to your typical web hosting companies. Either they charged an arm and a leg for premium hosting services or they were so cheap that you couldn’t complain when your website went down. Our goal was to create a hosting solution that addressed the biggest concerns when selecting your web hosting company.

Managed Web Hosting
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The Biggest Names in Hosting

To make premium web hosting affordable to our clients, we went ahead and signed up with the biggest names in hosting; Rackspace, Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services. These companies offer premium website hosting solutions that a typical website owner either can’t afford or does not have the technical knowledge to implement. Because we host so many many websites, we can drive the costs down for our customers and give them high quality hosting solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Every Website We Design, Build and/or Host Includes:

Web Hosting

We will determine which hosting solution is going to work best for your website based on a variety of factors such as website CMS and traffic levels. From there we will setup a hosting environment on our servers at Rackspace, Digital Ocean or Amazon and get everything ready for your site. We will even handle the transfer of your website from your old web host to our servers to ensure that you have a worry free update.

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We use a “You break it, we’ll fix it” mentality. We can do this because we know how websites work. All of our WordPress websites have revisions activated so we can always go back to a previous version and we implement daily backups so that the worst case scenario is that we have to revert to last nights backup. Not sure how to do something, send it over – unless you are trying to do something major, we will make minor updates to your website for you free of charge.


This is the most critical aspect of our service. Your CMS and plugins need to be updated regularly. Failing to maintain these updates creates security vulnerabilities that will lead to malware infections and viruses. We use a great plugin that allows us to remotely monitor the software status of all of our websites and informs us when something needs to be updated. In addition, we install premium Security and Firewall software on all of our websites to scan for malware and infections on a daily basis. If your website runs into an issue, we will be notified and fix the issue immediately.

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Web Hosting Performance

Google has repeatedly said that website speed and page speed is one of the ranking signals used by its search algorithm to rank webpages. Page speed is extremely important to the overall user experience and slow load times have been shown to negatively affect conversion rates.

At CleverLight, we take a hands on approach to our website hosting solutions. With every website we design, build and host, we are actively optimizing our hosting solutions to achieve maximum performance so that your website loads as fast as possible.

Web Hosting Performance
GTMetrix Website Performance


If you aren’t familiar with GTMetrix, you should take a moment to scan your website and see how well it performs. Once the scan completes, you will get a breakdown of the problem areas of your websites performance and what you can do to fix them. What we really love about GTMetrix is the Waterfall graph, which shows how the pages resources are loading and where the hangups are. It’s amazing how the tiniest thing can dramatically improve or demolish your websites performance.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another great tool for webmasters to help gauge and identify performance issues with their website. Similar to GTMetrix, Insights will identify issues with your website performance and offer recommendations on how to improve those issues. Why do we use both? Insights has a separate scoring mechanism for your website on mobile devices and we all know how important a quality mobile experience is in todays day and age.

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