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Introducing the CleverLight BOSS Program:
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If You Do Nothing, You Get Nothing

Be the Boss You Were Meant to Be

Every business owner should be working towards improving their digital presence by adding new content, being active on social media, and connecting with customers via email marketing.

Real Results

Our BOSS clients see tangible results from our program! Increased audience engagement, website visitors, leads, and conversions are the hallmarks of a strong online presence. Check out the organic growth from one BOSS client.

62% year over year increase in website users

39% year over year increase in Pageviews

BOSS Analytics Results
Content Marketing: Content Development

Professional Content Development

Each month, our professional content developers will write 2 unique articles related to your business, products, or services. These articles are then integrated into your website, organically increasing your overall page count, creating new doorway pages for organic search, and providing website visitors with valuable content that helps them convert into customers.

Staying Social on Social Media

If you have a Facebook page that you never post to, it likely isn’t providing much value. Our BOSS Program isn’t designed to increase your followers, but it is designed to create consistent activity on your social channels which has been proven, over time, to increase organic traffic to your website.

Each month, our social media marketers will post the 2 unique articles written for your website, along with 8 industry-related social posts across your social network. These posts not only provide activity but also help determine the type of content your social followers are looking for.

Content Marketing: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Your next best customer is likely to come from your last best customer. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Each month, our email marketing team will create a custom newsletter email campaign and send it to your customer list. This could be as simple as a recap on the 2 articles we created or something specific that promotes your products, services, promos, events, and more.

CleverLight BOSS Program


Minimum 6 Month Contract

Be the Boss. We’ll get it done.

  • 2 Keyword Focused Articles Posted to Your Website and Social Channels
  • 8 Industry-Related Social Posts Posted to Your Social Channels
  • Custom Email Newsletter Campaign Sent to Your Customer List
  • Dedicated Account Representative